By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Thursday February 3, 2022

Stay safe NZSG whānau

Omicron is a highly contagious variant of COVID-19.  Even with New Zealand's high level of vaccination this variant will spread rapidly in the community. 

Please ensure that you follow the safety protocol of your workplace. 

Also remember: 

  • If you are unwell get tested. You can search for a testing site here.  Ensure you self-isolate until you receive a negative test result. 
  • When you are out: 
    • Scan your visit using QR codes whenever possible 
    • Wear a mask 
    • Maintain social distancing.

Aotearoa New Zealand is currently in Protection Framework Red Response.  For a quick guide to what this entails click here

Below is information from the Ministry of Health regarding endoscopy guidelines while Aotearoa New Zealand is in red. 

Please follow the advice provided on the official New Zealand COVID 19 website found here

Remember to be kind. Stay Safe
Kia atawhai. Noho haumaru.