Hep C and HCC therapy update

By Executive officer | Posted: Tuesday July 23, 2019

Read about the National Hep C Action Plan consultation and an update on the purchase of sorafenib via FixHepC Buyers Club

  • The National Hepatitis C Action Plan Working Group has developed a draft National Action Plan for consultation with the sector before presentation to the Minister. The draft and feedback form  is attached below.
  • The NZSG will collate responses from members so could feedback please be sent to anna.pears@racp.org.nz  by 2 August .
  • Dr Jeff Wong is happy to answer any questions at Jeffrey.wong@huttvalleydhb.org.nz

  • The FixHepC Buyers Club will now provide generic sorafenib for advanced HCC. Professor Ed Gane has received advice from Dr James Freeman that generic sorafenib is available from CIPLA and NATCO generics companies. These companies are considered the best in India and provide up to 95% reduction in cost of sorafenib. Please contact the FixHepC Buyers Club if you are interested.