RACP - Expressions of Interest

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Wednesday July 13, 2022

RACP has vacancies on the following committees

Fellowship Committee

The Fellowship Committee is a peak Board Committee that works closely with all College bodies to support the enhancement of services to members and identify ways to increase the value and relevance of membership to fellows and trainees. For more information see

Finance and Risk Management Committee

The Finance and Risk Management Committee (FRMC) oversees finance and risk management on behalf of the RACP Board. The FRMC is made up of Fellows from across the RACP, including one vacancy for a Fellow based in Aotearoa NZ. For more information see 

The Aotearoa NZ Adult Medicine Division Committee (AoNZ AMDC) 

The AoNZ AMDC supports the professional careers of Fellows and trainees of the Division in Aotearoa NZ.

Working with appropriate College Bodies, specialty societies and staff in relation to medical education, policy and advocacy, Fellowship, and medical workforce to promote and support the practice of adult medicine in the Aotearoa NZ context.

For more information please see the RACP Webpage.