Te Whatu Ora Health New Zealand

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Tuesday July 12, 2022

Te Whatu Ora translates to ‘the weaving of wellness’. Our new health care authority commenced on 1 July and will work alongside Te Aka Whai Ora.

As healthcare professionals, all of our members will have heard of the Te Whatu Ora and may already have a brand new email signature. NZSG and NZAGS whānau have met with representatives of our new health care system to discuss immediate challenges and strategies for the future of gastroenterology and endoscopy services. We will share news with you as it is received.

In the interim, click through for, background information (Building the future of health – Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand)news items (News and updates – Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand) and general progress to date (Work underway – Te Whatu Ora | Health New Zealand).

Members have worked within an over-stretched and highly challenging DHB system for over a decade. Major systemic health care reform (in a pandemic) is somehow necessary and difficult all at the same time. Our voices, and those of our teams and patients, must be heard.

NZSG and allied Societies will endeavour to work with Te Whatu Ora and Te Aka Whai Ora to support members and strongly advocate for change. If this is something you would like to get involved with, please email office@nzsg.org.nz