WGO Train the Trainer Course

By Malcolm Arnold | Posted: Monday November 4, 2019

Malcolm Arnold and Mike Hulme-Moir attended the WGO Train the Trainer Course in Bucharest

I attended the Train The Trainers Course which along with  Mike Hulme-Moir, General and Colorectal Surgeon at North Shore Hospital on 1-4 April in Bucharest.

Our attendance at the course was funded in part by the World Gastroenterology Organisation who invited nominees from the Society. Our registration fees and accommodation were paid for by the WGO and the course was excellent in many respects.

It was not entirely what Mike and I expected in that it was not geared around training trainers in colonoscopy but was more geared towards advancing education in general skills involved in being a senior gastroenterologist. There were sessions on how to prepare PowerPoint presentations, how to prepare abstracts for submission to journals, how to analyse journal articles (using the PECOT technique), use evidence based practice, e-learning and a variety of other topics (and I will enclose a copy of the schedule with this note). There was a short session on psychomotor skills (using a four step approach) extensive education on the and general advice on teaching in a very positive and encouraging manner. The faculty were excellent and very experienced and taught us all a great deal. There was an entertaining cultural and social element to the course, with a guided tour of the old town of Bucharest, and a visit to look at (but not enter) the Romanian parliament building (the second largest building in the world, presumably excluding the Great Wall of China, the quoted biggest being the Pentagon). Mike and I greatly appreciate the fianancial assistance offered by the WGO as well as the wonderful hospitality of the Romanian society.

I would encourage all members of the NZ Society of Gastroenterology to attend WGO courses in the future.


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