Pharmac announces consultation on a second IBD Medication

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Monday September 19, 2022

A consultation on a proposal to fund ustekinumab for patients with inflammatory bowel disease is now open

Yesterday, 11 October 2022 Pharmac released a proposal to fund ustekinumab. This is excellent news for the profession and those we treat.

What does this mean?

This means we expect ustekinumab to be funded, subject to favorable consultation.

What can you do to support the ustekinumab consultation proposal?

Please let Pharmac know that you welcome the ustekinumab proposal and ensure you advocate for additional funded medications that will better the lives of IBD sufferers.

Please let us know your thoughts and suggestions. You can copy us into any feedback you send to Pharmac or let us know your thoughts separately.

You can contact us at

NZSG Medication Working Group progress

We will be penning a Society response to the ustekinumab consultation and hope to have this available to you later next week. This will be similar to the vedolizumab submission, with some additional points. We will circulate this prior to submission, as we think it is important that members are aware what is being said on their behalf.