Your Executive at Work

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Monday October 10, 2022

As I write my last panui article as president I am honoured to have held the role these past two years and proud of the work of the Executive and Society

There is evidence of the progress the Executive has made throughout this edition of our newsletter. You will note we have: 

  • announced the start of a new polypectomy course 
  • held Train the Trainer and Introduction to Endoscopy courses 
  • purchased new models for our courses and ordered additional resources 
  • communicated with representatives of the transition unit of Te Whatu Ora on solutions for issues facing the gastroenterology profession
  • adopted an equity statement and started the launch of our equity document.  An equity focus on selection of candidates to gastroenterology training in New Zealand with a survey to our members. 
  • addressed, with significant collaboration from many, significant medication inequity for IBD at long last!

The Executive is working to establish and support more special interest working groups (SIWG) to assist in progressing key initiatives.

Our current SIWG have been key in many aspects of our work: 

  • The Equity Working Group have: 
    •  created the NZSG equity statement and document - Equity focus on selection of candidates to gastroenterology training in New Zealand
    • assisted in the equity research survey spearheaded by Dr Andrew McCombie, executive member. 
  • The newly formed Sustainability Working Group have: 
    • began the creation of an Aotearoa New Zealand-centric sustainability survey 
    • reached out to several international groups to research guidelines and best practice. 
  • The Medication Working Group have:
    • built a relationship built on respect and shared values with Pharmac
    • responded to vedolizumab and ustekinumab consultations by Pharmac 
    • met with the Rheumatology Society of New Zealand to understand their successes in funded medication applications with Pharmac 
    • submitted an application to Pharmac for upadicitinab

All of these groups plan to continue their successes in 2023. 

The Executive have been busy these past two months (although not nearly as busy as the amazing 2022 convening team from Counties Manukau) as we box on with our usual work and prepare for our Annual Scientific Meeting. Along with the list above we have: 

  • approved application forms to automate our processes 
  • written to Hon Peeni Henare Associate Minister of Health (Māori Health) regarding funds for training and growing the Māori & Pasifika workforce
  • supported the Reducing Alcohol Harm Bill that is going through Parliament currently
  • supported the Hepatology Meeting on 12 August 
  • started planning the 2023 IBD Symposium 2023 as well as 2023 and 2024 ASMs with Tauranga and Waikato members
  • pushed forward with the Society's new service agreement with NZSA 

And there is so much more! Thanking everyone who is responsible for the ongoing work and success of our Society would fill its own panui. 2023 is sure to be busy and rewarding for Catherine, our incumbent president, the hard-working Executive, our indefatigable and skilled Executive Officer, the innovative hui convenors, our dedicated special interest working group members and all of you – our people.

Ēhara tāku toa i te toa takitahi, engari he toa takitini.

NZSG President 
Dr Zoë Raos  

Image by: NZ Gastro Office