Introduction to Endoscopy - February 2023

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Sunday October 9, 2022

This popular course is scheduled for Monday 20 February. The Introduction to Endoscopy course is highly recommended for new advanced trainees in gastroenterology.

The course covers: 

  • Understanding the endoscope
  • Setting up an endoscopy room
  • Understanding electrocautery
  • Sedation and monitoring
  • Hands-on introduction to endoscopic devices
  • Endoscopy simulator training

A new element of the course, Ergonomic of Endoscopy, was added in August with an active session to help prevent endoscopy related injury and fatigue with excellent feedback from participants. 

If you would like to be considered for this course, please complete the application form asap found on the NSZG webpage holding additional information on the course.