By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Thursday January 19, 2023

Announcing a training opportunity in 2023 being offered by the Asian Pacific Association of Gastroenterology (APAGE). This Fellowship is jointly funded by the APAGE and the Jewish General Hospital (JGH) Foundation.


The Fellowship, sponsored by the APAGE, and supported by the JGH Foundation, is to assist a medical graduate who wishes to obtain training as a Clinician Scientist in the broad field of gastroenterology and hepatology and related disorders in an APAGE member country other than his/her own country. The intention is help train leaders in the field who have obtained grounding in laboratory or clinical scientific methods or both, and who will be able to contribute to research in the field during their subsequent career. It is recognized that a 12-month period will not be sufficient to complete a research doctorate or other qualification. However, some recipients may wish and have the opportunity to continue their research to complete such a qualification after the Fellowship has completed; others may return immediately to clinical practice, but with research skills they did not possess before. It is the wish of APAGE and the JGH Foundation that the Fellows will return to their home countries on completion of the Fellowship (or any extension of time they might negotiate in the host country to complete a further qualification or extended project). The candidate is also required to present his/her work/project (preferably oral presentation) at the APDW meeting the following year or upon completion of the project and the research project to be written up as a full length article to be submitted to the JGH for consideration for publication. 

Value and period of tenure The Fellowship will be for a duration of 12 months’ period of training. It will provide a stipend of US$40,000 to be paid in two equal instalments to the applicant account – the first at the commencement of the Fellowship (upon receiving an ink-signed proof of commencement of the Fellowship from the supervisor stipulating also the date of commencement of the Fellowship), and the second at the mid-point in the Fellowship (upon receipt of supervisor’s and applicant’s interim report).

A stipend of US$10,000 will be paid to the host institution (supervisor’s account) at the commencement of the Fellowship (upon receiving an ink-signed proof of commencement of the Fellowship from the supervisor stipulating also the date of commencement of the Fellowship) as a token of support to the training expenses incurred by the applicant during the Fellowship.

An applicant is required to:

Be in the final 12 months of a training program in gastroenterology and/or hepatology in a member country of the Asia Pacific Association of Gastroenterology, or not more than three years beyond the date of completion of training, at the closing date for applications, and

  • Correctly fill in the application form and lodge with attachments prior to the closing date, and
  • Be recommended by the current supervisor and endorsed by the national society of gastroenterology
  • Identify a training centre in a member country of his/her choice and apply directly to the training institute/hospital. Both APAGE and JGH Foundation are not involved in the application process of the applicant. 
  • An applicant is only eligible to apply for the Fellowship once he/she has secured a training post.

Application closing date for 2023 The closing date for submission of applications is on 30th June 2023. The successful candidate will be notified by email by the APAGE secretariat. Instructions for completing the application form are provided on the form itself, and on the separate instruction page.

For a complete set of information and links to the application form and list of required documents to submit please see the APAGE Webpage