Congratulations to our 2019 Award winners

By Executive Officer | Posted: Wednesday January 22, 2020

A range of awards were presented at the Conference Dinner in Wellington

  • Janssen Research Fellowship -  Clarence Kerrison

  • Endoscopy Young Investigator Award -  Uddaka Wijesinghe

  • Luminal Young Investigators Award -  Uddaka Wijesinghe

  • Hepatology Young Investigators Award -  Cositha Santhakumar

Abstract of Excellence 

Phoebe Heenan

Rob Hackett

Ibrahim Hassan

Thomas Mules

Simon Whitcher

Posters of Excellence

Adam Willington

Indika Ranasinghe

Anthony Whitfield

Clarence Kerrison

Karl Fraser

Jihye Lim

Ji Min Choi

Trainees Choice Best Consultant Teacher -  Estella Johns

Trainees Choice Best Trainee Teacher - Ibrahim Hassan