Your Executive at Work

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Sunday June 11, 2023

The NZSG Executive have had a busy few months.

The Society held MATCH 2023 for Advanced Gastroenterologist Placements in 2024. Dr Frank Weilert, hosted representatives from training facilities across the motu.  Local hospitals are currently in the process of making offers to Trainees to progress their careers, education, and skills in February 2024. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in MATCH 2023 and Congratulations to all our registrars in 2024.

Invoices for membership subscriptions 2023 - 2024 were sent out. Thank you to everyone who has submitted their payment.  Your continued membership allows the Society to advance the profession through advocacy, education, and network opportunities. If you have not paid your fees for 2023 -2024 I hope you will do so soon and continue as a member of the Society. 

The Society has held:

  • Introduction to Endoscopy held in August 2023 attended by 10 Advanced Trainees and led by Dr Judy Haung.
  • Train the Colonoscopy Trainer held in August 2023 attended by 6 trainees, led by Associate Professor Russell Walmsley
  • The IBD Symposium on 25/26 August convened by Dr James Fulforth and Dr Melissa Haines.

Conference Innovators and our Bay of Plenty Convening Team continue to prepare for the t 2023 Annual Scientific Meeting being held on 6 to 8 December. Registration is now open. To register please go here. The Society's AGM is also being planned for 7 December and will include voting; in three new Executive members, in the 2025 incoming President, and changes to the NZSG Rules.

We are preparing to consider applications to the NZSG-Janssen Fellowship and Eru Pomare Medal which will both be presented during the ASM. 

The gastroenterology advanced trainees monthly hui supported by SMOs from across the motu continues convened by our Trainee Representatives Dr Michael Chieng and Dr Vicky McGarrigle.

Our Working Groups and Networks continue to advocate for the profession in the areas of hepatology, IBD medications, sustainability, neuro-gastroenterology and equity. Our IBD working group have created NZ focused IBD Guidelines which can be found at Resources » New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology (

We also continue to advance initiatives in the Society's Strategic Plan.  

Prof Catherine Stedman, President NZSG — Image by: NZ Gastro Office