2024 Courses

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Sunday October 15, 2023

NZSG is proud to offer several courses in the first quarter of 2024, and we would like to give you advance notice of the dates.

Introduction to Endoscopy
Wednesday 21 February

This one-day course is held at Olympus NZ in Albany, Auckland. The Introduction to Endoscopy course is designed for entry-level endoscopists and will cover the information and technical skills for learning basic gastroscopy and colonoscopy.

Course content:

  • Understanding the endoscope
  • Setting up an endoscopy room
  • Understanding electrocautery
  • Sedation and monitoring
  • Hands-on introduction to endoscopic devices
  • Endoscopy simulator training.

Please complete the Introduction to Endoscopy application form to be considered for this popular course. The course fee is $1500.00.

Polypectomy Course

Day 1 Thursday February 29, 2024: Educational Lecture Series

Day 2 Friday March 1, 2024: Hands-On Programme (limited places).

Thanks to generous funding by the National Bowel Screening Programme for the first course held in 2023 NZSG is excited to be offering the NZSG course covering best practice in polypectomy and endoscopic resection techniques again in 2024. 

Day 1 is an educational programme which will be offered at a lecture theatre within the University of Auckland. The exact location will be confirmed closer to the time. The programme is open to all interested parties. The fees for Day 1 are:

  1. $425 SMOs and Consultants
  2. $250 Advanced trainees
  3. $150 Endoscopy Nurses, Nurse Endoscopists.

Please submit the completed application form to attend Day 1

Day 2 is a hands-on programme limited to six people by application, and final selection will be based on:

  1. Completed application form with
  2. Current CV and logbook
  3. NZCCRTGE recognition (if applicable)

To apply for Day 2 please submit application form, CV, logbook and recognition to office@nzsg.org.nz

The six selected participants for Day 2 will have the opportunity to practice endoscopic resection techniques under guidance by established Interventional Endoscopists in Aotearoa New Zealand. The course aims to review individual’s polypectomy technique with formative feedback; supplemented by some hands-on skills training in assessment of polyp types and management, basic EMR and polypectomy. There will be opportunity to try various techniques used such as basic lift and snare EMR, band-ligation EMR plus adjunct such as soft-tip coagulation techniques.

Day 2 course fee is $2500.00. This includes Day 1 fees.

Further information on the course can be found in Program and Outline Document below.

Train the Colonoscopy Trainer
March 2024 (exact date pending)

This two-day course includes:

  • A first day for learning theory and practical use of models and teaching techniques
  • A second day for hands-on Colonoscopy teaching and critiquing

There is pre-reading and work to do between the two days.

The fee for the course is $2000.00.

Candidates should be actively involved in teaching colonoscopy. There will be equal places for surgical and medical trained endoscopy trainers. Places limited to 6 for each course.

To be considered for this popular course please complete the application form

If you have questions on any of the NZSG run courses, please email office@nzsg.org.nz