ASM 2018 - It's almost time

By Karen Kempin | Posted: Thursday September 13, 2018

Excitement across the country is at fever pitch already as everyone registers, books their flights, gets their costumes organised and packs their bags for the trip of a lifetime to ASM 2018 in …… Dunedin!

The team down here are working hard to bring you the best programme since  ASM 2011 (also in Dunedin). We know all you other places have tried hard, but you just can’t beat the deep South for weather, hospitality, old buildings, weather, whisky, cheese rolls, weather, wildlife and did we mention old buildings and weather? Anyway Ed, Shania, Robbie and P!ink can’t be wrong, they loved us.

Our program is filling out with three satellite meeting choices for Tuesday 20 November, Capsule Endoscopy, PEG and Enteral Nutrition and Hepatitis Network.  There are programme details attached below.

The main program from Wednesday 21 Nov to Friday 23 Nov has a theme of Teamwork and the sessions feature a mix of perspectives from medical, surgical and nursing on the same topic.

We are trying some new ideas for the plenary sessions with more joint presentations to get us all together and a hands on endoscopy equipment session and we are reintroducing the doctors and nurses social gatherings on the Wednesday evening and the debate on Friday morning.

The conference dinner has the theme of Profs and Scarfies (Lecturers and Otago Students) and will be set up on the side line of the rugby pitch inside the covered Forsyth Barr stadium so dress a bit warmer than usual, especially all you soft Aucklanders.

Needless to say we are all looking forward to hosting you down here and creating some great memories for you and your teams.

It is the last hurrah for both Michael and Karen as (almost former) leaders of their respective professional organisations so get ready for some surprises and some fun and maybe an emotional speech or two.

See you soon.

Michael Schultz, Karen Kempin and the Deep South conference organising committee.

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