Trainees Day 2018

By Kyle Hendry and Charlotte Rowan | Posted: Monday April 2, 2018

Each year the gastroenterology advanced trainees (both adult and paediatric), meet for 2 days for educational seminars to augment the monthly video conferences, here in Auckland.

This year Charlotte and I had the responsibility for arranging the content of the 2-day symposium, while the Novotel at Ellerslie was booked as the venue. The turn-out was fantastic albeit for one or two being unable to make the 2 days, a feat made all the more admirable due to the RACP exam kerfuffle over the same Friday. There was a fantastic response in the preceding months from gastroenterologists, surgeons, dieticians, radiologists and pharmacists to provide a very broad and engaging array of topics. Trying to cover the whole of gastroenterology in two days is in no way possible, and so the topics were designed to approach as varied a portfolio as possible. In addition, the inclusion of allied specialities of surgery, radiology, pharmacy and dietetics allowed the trainees to go off topic and ask those burning questions or discuss management problems that have been experienced in clinical practice on the wards. The conference facilities were ideal and we had the opportunity of filming the second day for the planned absence of some trainees due to exam cover. In addition, the lecturers all kindly agreed to their presentations be made available to the trainees online, via the Gut Club website, for future reference. It would be unjust to pick out individual presentations to make special comment as they really were all exceptional. The feedback at the end of the sessions would attest to that. Besides, I wouldn’t want to be accused of bias towards those that are currently holding a reference on file! There was a well-behaved dinner, primarily because Jan Kubovy and Dave McGouran were absent, giving everyone a chance to meet the trainees new to the programme. It was an added bonus to have some of the presenters able to join us in a social capacity. We’d like to extend our thanks to all the presenters for giving their time and expertise for our benefit.  We are supported by very generous sponsorship from Danielle de Montigny and her team at Pharmaco – providing travel and accommodation for our non-JAFAs; and covering costs for the venue and a social gathering. Same time next year?

Kyle Hendry and Charlotte Rowan