Introduction to Abdominal Ultrasound course 25 -27 June 2021

By Otago Medical School | Posted: Monday February 22, 2021

The University of Otago Medical School course is designed primarily for Advanced Trainees in Gastroenterology but also Consultant Gastroenterologists with an interest in building up an expertise in point-of-care ultrasound for their daily practice.

Sessions will take place in small groups encouraging students to practice image interpretation. No prior ultrasound experience required.

Participants will:

  • Review fundamentals including ultrasound physics and basic machine controls required for optimal image generation and interpretation.
  • Develop competence in basic image acquisition. Students will be able to operate an ultrasound machine in its basic form, understanding how to select the proper probe for the given study, how to adjust gain and depth to optimize the image.
  • Identify common ultrasound artifact (shadowing, posterior acoustic enhancement, ring-down, reverberation, mirror image).
  • Identify basic features of ultrasound appearance of normal abdominal anatomy (liver, spleen, gall bladder, bile ducts, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, stomach, small and large bowel, and aorta).
  • Understand the need for achieving competence and/or ongoing quality assurance and longitudinal education through regular oversight of ultrasound images acquired and interpreted by the student in a real-time clinical environment.
  • Gain hands-on scanning experience involving models with normal anatomy and pathology.

Where: Department of Medicine, Dunedin School of Medicine, 9th Floor, Dunedin Hospital.

When: Friday 25 June to Sunday 27 June 2021

Cost: NZD $2,100 incl GST

How to register: email to register your interest

Image: attached

Endorsed by:

  • GENIUS (Gastroenterology Network of Intestinal Ultrasound)
  • New Zealand Society of Gastroenterology