Introduction to Endsocopy Course

By Judy Huang | Posted: Wednesday March 3, 2021

Dr Judy Huang reports on another very successful course held last December

After overcoming obstacles in an atypical year of 2020, introduction to endoscopy course took place on 9th December at the Advanced Clinical Skills Centre at the University of Auckland. There were 8 trainees  from different locations in New Zealand, including 6 gastroenterology trainees, 1 paediatric gastroenterology trainee and 1 surgical trainee, all under the watchful eye of endoscopy tutors who were generous with their time, praise and tips.

The course kicked off with basic theory and clinical knowledge of endoscopy, including anatomy of the endoscope delivered by Prem, educator from Olympus.  This was followed by hands-on workshop with the infamous “dinosaurs-in-the-box” created by Dr Russell Walmsley, which required some urgent surgery to survive the day ( the box, not Russell !) Next came stomach and colon models, where trainees have the opportunity to drive the scope through the tunnels and experience the endorphin and despair of scoping.

Big thank you to Olympus for providing the equipment, and MicroTech and Obex for sponsoring the endoscopy accessories. I would like to thank all the enthusiastic tutors for their hard work on the day.

I hope the trainees have found the course useful and we look forward to more courses in 2021 for the next batch of trainees.

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