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If you have already gained recognition of training in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy via the NZCCRTGE (including Grandfathering) you may request that your details be included in the online searchable register. Inclusion on the register is voluntary and will display your name and limited information about your pathway to recognition of training. If you wish to withdraw your details from the register you may send the request via this form. Please upload your recognition of training letter, which NZCCRTGE will then cross-reference with the records held. If you do not have a copy of your letter, please provide details in the notes regarding endoscopy type, pathway and year that you hold recognition for and we will try to confirm your details in the database. There is no additional application fee to opt into the register for endoscopists who have gained recognition of training via NZCCRTGE.

Those applying under the International Practitioner Pathway for JAG or Australian CCRTGE recognised endoscopists must upload documentary evidence also (e.g. JAG certificate, CCRTGE letter). NZCCRTGE reserves the right to confirm the authenticity of these documents where required. A small application fee will be applied to cover administration costs.

For information on how to gain recognition please see our webpage - guideline for applying for recognition of endoscopy training you can apply by clicking the link within the page titled Information and Forms. 

Applications for recognition must submit their documents via the on-line form.  Please submit applications via this form.


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