Small Research Grant - SRG Award

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Sunday June 11, 2023

NZSG has awarded a SRG for the project Ergonomic Assessment and Intervention for New Zealand Endoscopists

Dr Judy Huang and Dr Tom Boswell have been granted an SRG to develop endoscopist ergonomic wellness plans with the intent to reduce pain and fatigue, improve productivity, job satisfaction and result in prolonging career involvement in endoscopy.

The endoscopy profession has a prevalence musculoskeletal injury worldwide with a New Zealand survey of endoscopists reporting two-thirds of the respondents have had an endoscopy related injury with one-third stating the injury was moderate or above. 

The SRG will assist Dr Huang and Dr Boswell to run a pilot study utilising fitness physical therapists to undertake endoscopist ergonomic assessment and develop an intervention to improve outcomes and reduce the risk of endoscopy-related injury.