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Posted Monday February 12, 2024

At the NZSG Annual General Meeting NZCCRTGE shared the guidelines on Supervisor Reports attached to an application for recognition. Which states a Supervisor:

  • Be recognised by the NZCCRTGE in the particular type of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, or be known to be of equivalent standard. In the absence of recognition by the NZCCRTGE, an attestation of equivalent standard of the supervisor ‘s training should be sent and held by the Committee from the training programme director. 

The Committee will be enforcing this guideline as of January 2024. We have worked with Directors to gather information on recognised supervisors and consider next steps for those without NZCCRTGE or equivalent training. 

We also announced the following changes to application fees: 

  •  for each procedure being reviewed is $550NZD. 
  • for an application under the International Practitioner Pathway for JAG or Australian CCRTGE recognised endoscopists an administration fee of $150NZD applies.

The NZSG website provides information for NZCCRTGE under the NZCCRTGE drop down of the main menu. 


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