Invitation to participate in a Delphi study: Developing ANZ Inflammatory bowel disease Clinical Quality Indicators

Posted Thursday November 23, 2023

Dear Members,

The Australian and New Zealand Inflammatory bowel disease consortium (ANZIBDC) are conducting a Delphi study to determine an Australian and New Zealand Standard set of Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) Quality indicators.

These quality indicators will be used for measuring, reporting on, benchmarking and improving quality of IBD care in future quality of care initiatives.

We would like to invite you as an established expert gastroenterologist for people living with IBD to participate in this Delphi process to gain your insights into the most important indicators of quality of care for patients living with IBD.

The Delphi will be conducted as 3 online anonymous surveys, followed by a virtual meeting to discuss the remaining statements. The feedback that you provide at each Delphi survey round will be analysed, summarized, and presented back to yourself and others in the expert panel, anonymously, to review in subsequent rounds. We anticipate that each of the questionnaires will take between 30-60 min to complete, and the virtual meeting will take 1-2 hours.

To obtain further information about the study, please refer to the link below which contains the participant information sheet for you to review. If you are willing to contribute and be a part of this study, please follow the link provided in this email for a quick eligibility screening and to provide consent. You will then be contacted via email when the first round is ready.

By completing all 3 surveys and attending the virtual meeting, you will have the option of having your name listed as part of the ANZ IBD clinical quality indicator collaborative group in the main outcome paper derived from the study.

Eligibility and consent link:

We thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing back from you. Please do not hesitate to contact the project manager Leonie Ruddick-Collins ( if you have further questions. 

This project has been approved by the Mater Misericordiae Ltd Human Research Ethics Committee. HREC. HREC/MML/86552 (V1).

Research team:

  • A/Prof Peter De Cruz, Austin Health
  • A/Prof Jakob Begun, Mater Research Ltd
  • Dr Darren Wong, Austin Health
  • Dr Yoon-Kyo An, Mater Research Ltd
  • Leonie Ruddick-Collins, Mater Research (Project Manager)
  • Kristy Boyd, Austin Health (Study Coordinator) 


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