NZSG Polypectomy Course

Introduction to the NZSG Polypectomy Course

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****February 2023 course is now full****


We are excited to be offering a new NZSG course covering best practice in polypectomy and endoscopic resection techniques. 

The course will be offered on Thursday 9 and Friday 10 Feb 2023 at the University of Auckland (UoA) Grafton Campus.  

Applications have closed for - 9 January 2023 for - Day one Thursday 9 February will be educational in nature in a lecture theatre within the UoA, location to be confirmed and is open to all those interested based on a first come, first serve basis.

Applications have closed for - Day two, Friday 10 February, is hands-on and is strictly limited to six people and selection will be based on the submitted CV and letter of recommendation. Successful applicants for day 2 will have the opportunity to practice endoscopic resection techniques under guidance by established Interventional Endoscopists in Aotearoa New Zealand. The course aims to review individual’s polypectomy technique with formative feedback; supplemented by some hands-on skills training in assessment of polyp types and management, basic EMR and polypectomy. There will be opportunity to try various techniques used such as basic lift and snare EMR, band-ligation EMR plus adjunct such as soft-tip coagulation techniques.

Further information can be found with 2022 Program and Outline Document

For those wishing to participate in either day 1 only or both day 1 and 2 please submit the application form.  
*** For applicants for DAY 2 once you have submitted an application form you must also submit to the following information***** 

  1. Current Curriculum Vitae 
  2. Letter of Recommendation from your department 
  3. Current Logbook 
  4. NZCCRTGE Training recognition 

The Course Fees are: 

Day 1 educational day only

  • $425 SMOs and Consultants
  • $250 Advanced trainees
  • $150 Endoscopy Nurses, Nurse Endoscopists

Day 1 and 2 combined

  • $2500.00 

The objectives of the course include:

  • Describe endoscopic superficial neoplasia and the role of different resection techniques
  • Increase the understanding of the indications for EMR
    • Describe equipment necessary for therapeutic gastrointestinal endoscopy.
    • Increase understanding of range of therapeutic modalities involved in polypectomy.
    • Familiarisation with techniques to reduce recurrence, treatment of complications.
    • Provide opportunity to utilise equipment and have hand-on training in polypectomy.

Expressions of interest through submission of an application form are welcome for the “hands-on” day 2 this is aimed at those endoscopists with some experience in polypectomy. Please ensure when expressing interest, the required documentation noted above and in the form is sent to 

Day 2 is an opportunity to advance skills for independent practising colonoscopists wishing to improve their polypectomy technique, advanced trainees and fellows who wish to gain confidence in their independent practice and those endoscopists who are planning on becoming NBSP providers.

Selection will be based on the submitted documentation noted above and within the application form

Please note there will be some additional weighting for those who practice in rural endoscopy services, newly independent endoscopists and those who can demonstrate a longer-term commitment to practicing endoscopy in NZ. Application forms will be reviewed by members of the organising Committee along with additional information requested in the form.  In the event of difficulty in selection, further review by the NZSG Executive Officers will be sought.