NZSG Equity Statement

By NZ Gastro Office | Posted: Sunday July 10, 2022

The Society, with guidance from the NZSG Equity Working Group (EWG), published the Equity Statement as a first step to align our future Gastroenterology Workforce to address shared priority areas for the people of Aotearoa New Zealand.

In 2021, NZSG called for expressions of interest to the EWG and was proud to welcome; Alex Lampton-Smith, Clarence Kerrison, James Irwin, Kirsty MacFarlane (Chair), Rachael Harry, and Tom Boswell as inaugural members.

Over the past eighteen months, the group have met to understand current equity strengths and challenges for gastroenterology in Aotearoa New Zealand. In line with work from similar speciality societies and Colleges and then DHBs and the Ministry of Health. The EWG focused on how our workforce can celebrate the amazing diversity it has, honour the Treaty of Waitangi and further build diversity and representation in priority areas.

The NZSG Equity Statement was published in May 2022 and shared with Clinical Leads, Trainees and the RACP:

Image by: NZ Gastro Office

Our Equity Statement acknowledges that equitable representation of Māori, Pasifika, female, and provincial gastroenterologists are shared priorities.

EWG agenda items have included mahi to create and share an understanding of equity with trainees, those that support them, and those that select them.

The EWG’s next step is presenting to the NZSG Executive An equity focus on selection of candidates to gastroenterology training in New Zealand. This will direct and guide equity priority areas into the Gastroenterology Advanced Registrar Training (MATCH) process from 2023 onwards. It is important to bring everyone along on this journey. This document will be shared with members for feedback and korero.

E tū ki te kei o te waka, kia pakia koe e ngā ngaru o te wā