NZLTU Policy and Protocols Presented at ASM 2023

Posted Wednesday December 13, 2023

TSANZ Guidelines for Severe Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis

Professor Gane discussed the new TSANZ Guidelines for Severe Acute Alcoholic Hepatitis, that include consideration for transplantation for highly selected people with first presentation of severe alcoholic hepatitis. The document can be found attached below. 

The TSANZ guidelines are strictly adhered to across all 6 adult liver transplant units in Australia and New Zealand and outcomes are monitored by the Liver Intestinal Transplant Advisory Committee LITAC every 2 years (Professor Gane is a member of this).

Hepatologists on call at NZTLU are happy to discuss liver transplant candidacy in any patients who fulfil the TSANZ transplant criteria. They are also happy to offer advice on optimising medical management for those who do not fulfil these criteria.

Management of Extensive Portal Vein Thrombosis

Dr Giles presented on a new protocol for the management of extensive portal vein thrombosis, from a paper by Benmassaoud et al which has been attached below.  Any patients presenting with non-cirrhotic, extensive porto-mesenteric thrombosis with < 30 days of symptoms should have a triple phase CT and be discussed with NZLTU as soon as possible to consider if thrombolysis would be appropriate intervention. Chronic cases with complications such as ascites should also be referred for an elective review.



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